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I’m a marketing manager with 6 years of experience. While I’m passionate about my role in brand building, I’m equally passionate about travel, discovering new cultures and food.

I amalgamated these two to create ‘Postcard Chronicles’, an offbeat travel and Lifetsyle blog. It’s a visually striking space to persuade professionals to travel more, even while handling a non-nomadic job and family commitments. Postcard Chronicles has been about encouraging the working class to invest in travel. Too often it’s the ones that work the most, who feel the need to get away from it all and love to travel, yet shy away from it due to time constraints.

I attempt to travel differently, beyond tourist spots to find the soul of a place – I’ve chased fireflies and mapped constellations in a remote mangrove in the Thailand, cried in awe looking at the peaks of Himalayas in Kashmir, camped under the star lit sky in Thar desert and danced along with the Angami tribes in Nagaland.

Postcard Chronicles is about people we meet along the way, perceptions and stories peppered with lots of tips, hacks and stunning pictures captured during my travel.

While professionals make the core of my readers, Postcard Chronicles is equally exciting for the next generation of wanderers who dream to head out and explore the world.

I’m sure you’d like to be a part of Postcard Chronicles to make that happen!
So, what are we waiting for! Let’s get to work. Here are the ways in which we can collaborate

brand ambassadorship

Looking to continuously target audience with a mix of articles that catch their attention often? A long-term partnership is the key! Happy to work as an ambassador for brands and businesses that promote the sort of travel experience, both me and my readers value.

Marketing consultant

Having more than 6 years of experience in marketing, I could help in building strategies and come up with projects that involves creating brand awareness to your audience.


Got an offbeat hotel/resort with history or with unique amenities that travelers should stay at? Or a tour that’s adventurous & specific to the region? Or a product that would be useful to my readers? I’d be delighted to visit/try it & write honestly about the experience.

Destination Marketing

A 360 degree campaign covering the destination through my personal experiences along with the hits and misses. An experiential showcasing of the destination through compelling story-telling will build credibility of the place as opposed to an ad listing the merits of a destination.

Hand Painted Postcards

Been on a vacation, fell in love with a place, met someone special at a café or had a zindagi na milegi dobara moment!?Reasons can be a million to fall in love with a place, a moment or a person. If you would like to capture those memories in a beautiful way with a personal touch, then get them painted as postcards for you and treasure them as a souvenir forever!

Wanted it in bigger sizes and multiple copies. Fret not! The postcard prints would look great in frames in your home! And even better when you want to gift it to someone you adore.

We can tailor it down to the last detail of your requirement!

Let’s get the ball rolling and do some kickass campaigns!

Media kit is available on request.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to just say a hello, feel free to drop a message. I take up freelance writing gigs and can design travel itineraries for you, just in case if you want me to plan your vacation!

I keep ranting a lot about my travel but I love to know that you’re out there traveling the world too! Send me a postcard from your trip, if you get a chance!

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