Lifestraw Go Water Purifier–A Must have Travel Gear

During all the trips, one thing that I have constantly thought of is the usage of packaged drinking water. I had always wanted to find an alternative to this. But drinking adulterated, impure tap water in foreign countries can be a nightmare. You never know when you’ll fall sick!

A great solution to make sure you’re getting pure, clean water into your body – while traveling – and at the same time without harming the environment is to get a good travel water bottle with filter. I highly recommend the Lifetsraw Go water purifier. I love this thing!

lifestraw go

Background story

I first heard about Lifestraw Go purifier from a friend who has taken various water filters around the Middle East on her work travels, and always ends up breaking them from repeated use or finding irritating niggles; the Lifestraw Go purifier was the first one she had no complaints about.

Since not many know about Lifestraw, here’s some background. Lifestraw is a Swiss brand and a leader in water purification technology. Their basic product — The Lifestraw — has brought about dramatic difference to thousands of lives in Africa, where contaminated water is a big problem. Moving outside Africa, their products have changed how the poorest of poor, especially in Asia, get safe drinking water.

Lifestraw Go Water Purifier Review

I took Lifestraw Go purifier on a trek in Himalayas and found it extremely useful. It was such a blessing during my Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

lifestraw go


Lifestraw Go is extremely good looking. Very stylish with a thoughtful mini carabiner keychain thrown in, it looks perfect for outdoors. It is easy to hook up on a strap of a backpack. You really don’t have to go looking for a side pocket to keep it. To me that makes a lot of sense. You need a water bottle handy and not hidden in the deep recess of a side pocket.

I loved the deep blue colour of the bottle. But you also get them in purple and pink shades these days. The sipper is just like that of a hydration pack. I also loved how light it was despite a purification device inside.


The purification is so good that even contaminated water gets purified. I used it to drink water straight off streams and stagnant water pools. I have found the quality of water purification excellent. Even muddy water came out clean. It removes 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria

There’s a side benefit of Lifestraw Go that is really big for me. Drinking freezing water in the mountains is not easy. Unfortunately, on any trek in the Himalayas the only water you get is Arctic — it chills you to the bones! Lifestraw takes that pain away. The purification system through the straw gives it enough time to settle on a temperature that is almost normal. The water feels cool and not chilled.


First of all, don’t expect it to work like a water bottle. Water is not going to gush into your mouth. Plain and simple, you sip water off the device just like from a hydration pack or a straw. It can filter up to 1000 liters (264 gallons) of water

As with any purifier, you’ve got to read the instructions before you use it. It’s extremely easy to use – I’d say idiot proof, really – but nonetheless must be used properly if you want it to filter out the bacteria that otherwise will make you sick.

Why should you buy Lifestraw Go?

It’s a blessing in disguise for all the people who love outdoors and enjoy travel. It works splendidly.

You can take it from Airport to outdoor adventures

There are enough empty plastic water bottles to circle the earth several times. We all know this and many of us still grab bottled water on the road or every day to avoid tap water. Let’s do something good for the health of the environment too.

Priced around Rs 1500 per bottle I didn’t find it too expensive either — considering the kind of water purification and safety it gives you. With water being a big concern on travel, Lifestraw Go is worth the investment.

This is available in Amazon and comes in different colours as well. Now, what are you waiting for, this is one of the must haves in your backpack!


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