Is Quechua MH 100 Shoes Good for Trekking?

A couple of months ago I decided to go on a trek in Kashmir. Since I work-out regularly, I knew my running shoes were not a good fit for the trek. As a part of the preparation process, I had to invest in a good pair of trek shoes. I had some concerns regarding the choice of my trekking shoes. It had to fit in perfectly and also support my ankles in different terrains and weather conditions comfortably.

While skimming through numerous reviews and asking opinions from different people, I understood that the right pair of trek shoes can save your life and make the trek more enjoyable. They carry you into the wilderness and back home in one piece. It’s important to find a pair of right trekking shoes that are comfortable, supportive and right for the terrain you’re trekking in. You can’t take a pair of Converse All Stars on a 20-mile hike and expect to make it out without blisters — or worse.

Quechua MH 100

As I had few other requirements for the trek to be purchased as well, I went up to a Decathlon store and got a Quechua MH 100 women’s waterproof mountain hiking shoes

I ended up doing Kashmir Great Lakes trek and the terrain was grassland to boulders; snow to slush; it had everything. It was a difficult trek and I was so glad I picked up the right trek shoes. I almost kissed my shoes at the end of the trek, it literally saved my ankle in the last day descend of 15kms in rain and slush.

Quechua MH 100 women’s mountain hiking shoes review

My shoes took all that Kashmir had to throw at them; mud, moraine, mountain streams, snow, slush, tree roots and big boulders. Whenever I encountered a tricky section, the shoes always felt well-balanced. The ankle-support gave me extra confidence.

Quechua MH 100

Best for:  Mountain hiking on challenging terrain; Ideally for beginners

Waterproof: Yes

Weight: 0.83 lb or 380g


  1. Cross-contact sole: The grip is strong and the sole provides excellent support for dry and slippery terrain.
  2. Cushioning: Full length cushioning helps the trekkers to cover long distances without any pain
  3. Waterproof: I was confident when I used them to cross mountain streams, with the insides of the shoes remaining dry at all times.
  4. Breathability:This was one thing I feared when I bought the shoes – whether they would smell after a long day’s trek. But I did not find any issues with breathability at all.
  5. Strength:In fact, you can comfortably do technical climbs with these shoes. During my trek, a fellow trekker back tracked his steps and stepped on my toes by mistake. Thanks to the protective layering in the front, my toe was intact
  6. Ankle support: This is very crucial for any trek, since you would be climbing boulders and jumping on stones in the streams, your ankle would always be prone to twists. Right shoes should keep your ankles in place and help you move without any discomfort


There were patches of snow that I had to cross during the trek, since it was just a small area, I somehow managed, but the shoes do not have sturdy support on snow terrains. These shoes really become slippery on these surfaces. If your trek involves walking on the snow majorly then you will have to opt for shoes that has insulation and gaiter support.

Pointers before buying your shoes

For hiking or trekking, try taking one shoe size up from your usual to ensure optimum comfort when going downhill and to prevent your toes from hitting the toe box. Tip: nails must be cut short, and before descending, check that the laces stop the foot from slipping forward to the front of the boot.

Also buy your shoes atleast a month in advance and wear them everyday, even to supermarket and hotels. You need to get comfortable in your trek shoes before you go on a trek. Do not ever break-in your shoes one day before your trek, you will end up with blisters all over your foot.


I would say Quechua MH 100 women’s waterproof mountain shoes are the safest if you’re new to trekking, as they cover all the main features you need in a good pair of shoes. They score big in terms of comfort, fit, sturdiness and waterproofing. They are cost-effective and do not burn your pocket.

Quechua MH 100 women’s shoes are sold at Decathlon and also at Amazon.

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