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Oh! I’m happy to see that you’re ready to explore the world. Do it on your own terms!
It’s not rocket science. There are few things in the world as liberating and exciting as solo travel. Taking a solo trip changed my life and I believe it’s the greatest gift I have ever given myself.

Solo travel is like fine wine, tastes better with experience and time. So, take the plunge, book the trip and go solo. Like me, many women find solo travel to be empowering, enjoyable and a wonderful experience.

Since you’re taking baby steps into solo travel, I would suggest you start exploring a place close home. Pick a destination that has good tourist value within your country, research the destination on places to see and book decent properties to stay. If there are hostels, read the reviews and then book the place. Go for a weekend getaway or 3-4 days to see how you manage yourself and whether you’re enjoying your own company.

Being able to do what you like when you like is something that is often underrated. When it comes to solo travel, you can choose whether you want to sleep in, fill your day with activities or treat yourself to a day of getting lost in a beautiful city. It’s absolutely your choice.

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Yes and no. This depends on what your definition of safety is. There are many places I would consider to be “safe” but there are other places I’ve been to that I’ve taken cautionary safety measures or done more research on before going. 

I feel like when people think a destination is "safe," they let their guard down and if that's a "bad" experience, they blame that they heard it was safe. Safe does not mean comfortable or you won't encounter different cultural norms that make you uncomfortable and I think that’s where things get a little misconstrued. 

Now, this is not me saying stop traveling or you shouldn’t travel solo as a woman—not by any means! In my experience, I’ve felt comfortable in most places I’ve visited and had a really great time meeting locals. However, being cautious and traveling smart can help you enjoy the place in a much better way.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when venturing solo! This might help you in your journey to be safe.

If you ask me personally: yes, I think traveling solo as a female is safe, but keep this mantra with you always: Research on a place before going and act according to your intuitions. It can never go wrong

Safety is the biggest concern for most parents. If you’re an Indian, then society becomes an even bigger concern. Well I can tell you how to deal with the former issue easily while the latter is how you want to go about it personally.


It is always good to share your travel plan with your family. From flight numbers to hotel stays, share the entire itinerary with them just in case something goes wrong, they would know where to contact whom.


Here are some tips on how to convince your worried parents about traveling solo


When I went on my first solo trip to Jaisalmer, I ended up in a desert with no connectivity for good 2 days. My parents freaked out but I had shared the itinerary with them, they were able to contact the hotel I stayed to know whether I am safe or not. Sometimes people travel to other side of the globe without realizing that except them, no soul on earth would know where they had gone. Not smart at all. Not sharing the travel plan with the family is never a smart move. It would hardly take 2 minutes to mail the confirmations and itineraries to them.

Coming to the second problem, honestly, I don’t give a damn about society and it’s stereotypical norms, I’m not going to advise you to rebel but work on your own terms and tell your parents how important this is for you. If you’re able to knock the socks off on your first solo successfully, from then it’s a smooth road onwards.

There are a few major things to do before any trip—do you need a visa, have you gotten travel insurance, will you need a VPN? 

Check out these 12 Crucial Things To Do Before Every Trip

While there are plenty of theories and methods out there for booking cheap flights, I’ve found that it’s entirely dependent on your destinations and flexibility. 

I use Skyscanner to snag good deals on flights and I mostly plan my trip starting on a weekday and ending on a weekday. Weekends are mostly expensive in terms of flying and accommodations.

I use coupons and points collected to avail discounts on bookings.

Feel free to check my personal list of travel resources here and then start your travel planning

Of course! 

Check out my tips on how to make money while traveling. This works like a charm if you’re planning a long-term travel! 

If you're looking for a job that allows you to work abroad, check out some of my recommendations on the best travel jobs around the world.

Planning before a trip is my absolute favourite part. Hours and hours of research and daydreaming of faraway lands can only be explained through experience and not words. I plan 99% of trips through online research and with the help of some of my favourite travel planning tools.

You can find all of my favourite travel planning websites here!

Travel has become a boon with the raise of technology. I even have a separate folder on my phone for travel apps.

Here’s the list of must have travel apps that will save your day like none other!

I have built an extensive list of guidebooks from the places I have visited. You can best find them on this site. Your answers might already be within the hundreds of articles that I have already shared here!

But if you still feel you need help with your itineraries customising them according to your personal needs, drop a mail to me, I can be your professional itinerary planner in exchange for a small service fee

One of the most asked questions on my DM’s.

I mostly travel solo. Once in a blue moon, when I feel like it, I do take small group of people along with me on my trip.

If I’m organising a group tour, you would very well come to know about it through my Instagram and Facebook channel. So, stay connected on the platform to know the updates. You can sign up to my newsletter as well so that the group trip information can be delivered right into your inbox.

One main thing to keep in mind is that I don’t do touristy travel. Neither luxury. So if you’re looking to do just a group tour with places to tick off from your bucket list, this might not be your cup of tea. The experience you’ll gain will be raw, real, enriching and a whole lot crazy! Trust me you’ll love it!

There’s a short and a long answer to this. The short answer is, "just do it!" Sure, you need to figure out the basics like what is your niche, what your brand name is going to be, who your target audience is, and how you’re going to create content. But don’t let the fear of starting the blog and putting yourself out there prevent you from doing it at all! The long answer? 

Check out my FREE Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Blog, which includes step-by-step tips on getting your website up and running! 

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Blogging is a continuous process. Narrow down what you’re trying to become better at and start there! I know it can be overwhelming at first, so do it in small chunks. 

Hone in on what aspects you’re wanting to get better at and grow. Does your site need some tuning up? Do you need to focus more on SEO? How is community engagement on your social media platforms? Are you taking the best-quality photos possible? 

Here are several articles that will help you out: 

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Yes! I’m always open for travel enthusiasts and bloggers to share their tips with our readers! I have a dedicated page called “Postcard Thursdays” through which I accept guest articles for the blog.

If you would like to become a guest contributor for Postcard Chronicles blog, you can submit your application here!

Couldn’t find travel tips for a destination you're traveling to? Want a guide for a destination I've shared on my Instagram?

Your wish is my command! I share 2 blog posts every week and will do my best to create one based on your request!

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Personal faq

Postcard Chronicles was christened out of my immense love for art and travel. I’m a millennial with a vintage soul, who loves capturing moments through colours. I create postcards from the places I travel. These postcards are embodiment of treasured moments not just of a place but of experiences from the road.

The second most asked question on my list. I hear this from my friends, acquaintances, readers and from strangers on internet as well.

I have tried answering your question here on how I afford to travel frequently. Read it up if you’re interested to know.

I’m a person who loves my job as much as I love traveling. I built a career that I like and invested a lot of hard work to get to a place where I am right now professionally. Hence, I try my best to balance my love for travel along with my full-time job.


You can read on How I Travel More While Working A Full-Time Job

I take atleast one weekend trip every month and do a long-haul trip every two-three months once.

It might seem like I travel more than I do because I stretch my content to make it last longer. I usually create multiple posts on different subjects about the same place. And, I take so many photos I'm usually posting to Instagram long after I've gone. 

As I’ve gotten more experienced, I’ve found that it’s better to travel slowly—really soak up a place and embrace it, rather than trying to cram in as many locations and destinations in one trip

Well, I’ll have to thank my father for the genes! I don’t gain weight that easily. That said, yoga has been my goto practise from the age of 9. I was a kid with hypermobility, I can bend backwards bringing my nose to touch my feet. Over the years, I have learnt to practise yoga in a more safe and balanced way.


I’m a trained and certified yoga instructor and take yoga sessions for others as well. I have taken surprise yoga sessions for hostel mates during some of my trips. While traveling, I make it a point to practise atleast few rounds of suryanamaskar if not anything.


At home, I shift between yoga, running and hula hooping!

For fitness ideas to try while traveling, check out my post on 5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling!


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