Why is Niyo Global Forex card best for your International trip?

Is a holiday abroad on your cards? If you’re someone like me, you would be so excited and relived that the world is finally opening up for us to travel again. The thought itself could be quite exhilarating— the grandeur of the Roman ruins in Athens, snorkelling in the wonderful Mediterranean off the coast of Spain or sipping away your stress with caramel coffee in Vietnam. The world’s your oyster.

However, travel post the pandemic has drastically changed and we need to re-familiarise ourselves with the nitty-gritties of planning a trip abroad. The pent-up demand for international travel coupled with the opening up of international flights and eligibility for a booster dose have all coalesced around the vacation period. Here’s something that we may have lost touch with – the best way to carry and spend money abroad.

I recently travelled to the Land of Ascending Dragon – Vietnam for my first international trip post COVID. The initial excitement eventually gave way to a major concern—finances. The thought that What if we run out of cash? What if our debit card is declined during a purchase? was circling my head. Well, I got my hands on Niyo Global Forex Card for my trip and I will tell you the first-hand experience of why Niyo Global forex card could just be the perfect ally in your upcoming international trip.

niyo global forex card

What’s a Forex Card?

Before I jump into the pointers on why you should pick Niyo Global, for people who are taking their baby steps in global travel, it is important to know what a Forex card is.

A forex card is a type of prepaid card in which you can load money in foreign currency. It is globally accepted, and you can either pay for your expenses using your forex card or withdraw cash in foreign currency at an ATM. These cards are usually issued by banks and also companies which offer Financial Services.

Benefits of Niyo Global Forex Card

Forex card is an affordable and safer option than buying currency and is also a good hedge against the fluctuations in the currency rates. Here are few reasons why you must purchase a Niyo Global forex card to fund the expenses of your upcoming foreign trip

  1. Accepted Almost Everywhere

I had booked my stay while on the go exploring Vietnam and it Niyo Global Forex card came super handy for payments at hotels. Can you imagine the ease of use! Niyo Global Forex card is accepted by merchants in 150+ countries. You can load the Niyo Global card in INR before you set out to travel, or even while you are abroad. You don’t have to worry about which currency to load on your card. Niyo Global forex card auto-converts the INR amount to the local currency of the country you are in. It can be used to pay at VISA-accepting merchants in 150+ countries, and even to make international purchases right from India.

  1. Absolutely zero markup

Trust me this is a huge concern with other forex cards! Generally, while making payments in a foreign currency with another bank credit/debit card, a forex markup fee is charged by the bank on the total transaction amount. Niyo Global card comes with zero forex markup—an essential feature of the best international travel card—meaning, they don’t charge us anything additional. This is extremely cost-efficient for all transactions like flight bookings, dining out, shopping, etc This one reason is critical enough for you to get your hands on the card.

  1. Enhanced security with real-time tracking

This feature is sure a turn on for all the solo travelers. The fear that we might lose the cash/card or get scammed when we travel solo is quite high. The Niyo Global app brings you enhanced security through the Lock/Unlock/Block Card features. To add to the safety and security of your chip and PIN card, the app lets you temporarily lock your entire card or individual payment channels–Online payments, ATM withdrawals, Card swipes, Contactless payments, and International payments–so you can keep tabs on your transactions.

You can even block your card permanently in case it gets stolen or you accidentally lose it. To help you keep track of your funds, all your transactions are always listed in the local currency and updated in the app each time you spend somewhere.

  1. Withdraw cash in all ATMs

Another awesome feature Niyo Global card is that it works everywhere VISA goes and that applies to withdrawing cash at all ATMs in the VISA network. The nifty ATM locator in your Niyo Global App will help you locate one near you and you can withdraw cash whenever needed.

  1. Free Airport lounge access

You don’t have to buy a credit card to get access. Niyo Global has this feature enabled for all its users. Saviour for those long wait hours in the airport! I have used this lounge access at the international lounge when I had to wait in Bengaluru airport for 3hrs before flying to Hanoi. With complimentary airport lounge access at domestic/international terminals of major airports across India, you can now travel in luxury with your Niyo Global Forex card. Check out more details about the VISA Airport Lounge Access Program and the list of participating airport lounges.

  1. Zero balance savings account/loading charges/fund transfer fees

It’s not mandatory to maintain a specified monthly balance at any time and we promise not to charge you for that. Your fund transfers via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS do not attract additional fees. You can make these transactions at any time from anywhere. It’s a digital account with a unique account number and IFSC. There are NO charges to load your account at any time from anywhere via NEFT/IMPS/RTGS

  1. Digital onboarding & Instant account opening

In the age of digital, if we have to submit papers physically and wait for days for processing, it can get tedious. The folks at Niyo Global ensures seamless account opening without having to rush to the bank to fill up confusing paperwork. You can do it from the comforts of wherever you are. You just need to download the Niyo Global App and follow the simple steps to get your hands on the best international forex card. Your digital debit card gives you the freedom to start using your account immediately for all online transactions.

  1. Earn upto 5% interest p.a*

What if I tell you your Niyo Global Forex card not only helps you with spending but also helps in earning money! Yes. Your account balance here earns interest and continues to grow while you travel with the perks of Niyo Global Forex card.

  1. In-app currency converter/ATM locator

This gives you a real-time currency rate so there are no surprises later. In case you need cash in the desired local currency during travel, this handy tool can help you find the nearest ATM wherever you might be in the world.

These are not the only perks that you enjoy when you get Niyo Global Forex card, you have exclusive in-app offers, concierge services, meet and greet services and round the clock support system to help you with any of your doubts or queries.

Opting for a Niyo Global forex card before your next trip abroad would be a sensible thing to do. It not only saves you the stress of cash maintenance abroad but also lets you enjoy your vacation in peace.

Have you used Forex cards on international trips? Please share your thoughts in the comments section

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