Are you someone who pictures your holiday in a lush green valley, sipping your hot cup of tea, soaking in every bit of tranquility that nature can offer and gazing out at the stars at night. If yes, then a camping trip to Kikui Farms in Nilgris should be on your list! Be it an adventurous holiday or a peaceful one, camping is the new “cool” thing because staying in a resort or a hotel is so passé. Sometimes staying in the middle of nowhere is even more exciting than staying in a luxury hotel.

Sunrise from the camp

Tucked away in the lush green foliage of Avalanche, is a campsite that is larger than just a picturesque space for nature lovers to access and pitch a tent at. Carefully crafted in tandem with the interests and ideologies of its owner — Vishaan; the camp embodies a philosophy that is deeply rooted in minimalism and sustainable production. With a masters in sustainable development in food system and being a part of slow food movement, Vishaan is a new age farmer who wants to establish a platform for organic farming and create a hub for other farmers in the country to follow suit.  He got into this occupation to bring a positive change in farming ways. His aim is to grow 100% organic crops where fertilizers or other market products have no role to play. An organic farm soon took roots and the campsite flourishes with farm fresh produce.

Kikui Camp overlooks some of the most scenic hills of South India, it attracts plenty of nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The rolling hills, natural beauty and scenic lakes make for a pleasurable stay no doubt, but the boundless energy of the wonderfully invested host is what makes the campsite a humbling experience. The organic farm grew to become home not just to the workers but also many farm animals — so be sure to give them a hug when you’re there.


Evenings are even more special with a pint of beer and a merry bonfire along with your group of friends, chatting and singing to your heart’s content. As a part of the camp stay, you will not only get to visit the farm but also relish on the food prepared specially by the host for you. Perks of having a chef as your host! The food provided is of fine quality and the incredible view will simply leave you in awe of this adventure. Spend the night in the tent under the starry lit sky. Wake up to a beautiful morning with the birds chirping and the Nilgiris whistling thrush. Explore the area to your heart’s content, have breakfast and head back to the city for a fresh start of the week.

Make sure to take out time for this pleasure full camping trip. If you’re looking for a different kind of camp experience, look no further, this is a perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Do I hear “details please” already! For those ones who long for these kind of holidays, where your soul connects with the universe, the starlit skies, the bright moon and your eyes watching them right through the tents, this is the perfect place to be. From my experience, I have penned down the camping FAQ’s for you.

Where is this located?

Kikui Camp is situated in exotic locations of Avalanche, 28 kms from Ooty in Nilgris district. The property is landscaped to give you one-of-a-kind experience. It is also close to Red Hill Resort.

When is a good time to go camping here?

Ideal time to go would be from October – May. The place is shut from June – August as this part of the hills receive maximum rainfall during the monsoons.

Is it safe to be amidst the forests?

Absolutely safe to be here than in the cities where you breathe only polluted air. It’s a safe and secure zone. The place is quite safe as the entire area has been electric fenced.

How do we reach this place?

The campsite is at a distance of 4kms from Red Hill Resort. You could drive till the starting point of the hike from the resort, post that it’s a hike of 2kms. You could park the vehicles at the starting point and then hike to the campsite.

What is the difficulty level of the hike?

It’s an easy one. If you’re someone with zero level of fitness, then you might find this walk a bit tedious otherwise it’s easy as it sounds.

What can we carry with us?

Carry a warm pullover and woolen socks and jackets if you’re visiting this place during winter months. From February to May, you just need to take a sweater/ shawl with you to keep you warm at night. Don’t forget to take your camera/charger with you. The sunrise from the campsite is mesmerizing. Something that you shouldn’t miss.

How long is the camping trip?

It’s ideally a weekend getaway.

How do we book it?

Booking can be done from the link here:

Do pre-book before going as arrangements are made accordingly. Showing up at the campsite without prior booking wouldn’t be encouraged as a healthy practice.

Who all can go for this camping experience?

This could be your once in a lifetime experience, with yourself, with your bunch of friends or with your soul mate. Not only will this be an adventurous get-away but also a romantic one!

What security measure are taken?

As I have already mentioned above, you are in safe and secure zone with 24/7 security in the forest area.

What activities can we expect at the camp?

You get to visit the organic farm, the host will take you through different sections of the farm and explain the process of how organic farming is done. There are also continental cuisine workshops planned according to the number of guests at the campsite. Then you have this happy bonfire session by the camp, where to get to know the other guests, chat and bond with them.

Do we need to carry tents with us to pitch in?

You do not have to carry tents or sleeping bags. These will be provided by the host.

What facilities will be provided at the campsite?

They will provide you with tents, sleeping bags, dinner and breakfast. The campsite also has clean washrooms so fret not. There are single tent camps and double tent camps; Each tent will be provided with separate sleeping bags for each person to keep you warm inside the tent stay throughout the cold night. It’s purely lake view tent stay, surrounded with tea estates and forest.

Can we take kids to this place?

At this point of time, taking kids would not be a good idea. This place is most suitable for a group of friends or couples

Can we take pets along?

Yes. It’s a pet friendly place.

Coming to the most important question, how much does the whole experience cost?

The cost is 3500 per person for this whole camping experience.

There is much more to travelling than staying at hotels and resorts. CAMP. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER. PLAY. BOND.  Because time spent camping isn’t spent, it’s invested!

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