6 offbeat things to do in Jaisalmer

For anyone who dreams of a desert vacation, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is the perfect place to enjoy the experience. In Jaisalmer, one can happily unwind from their chaotic schedule and indulge in various activities of their interest.  Jaisalmer offers magnificent architecture, beautiful landscape, never ending vast crimson sand dunes, scrumptious rajasthani thalis, camel safaris and thriliing adventures.

You may be a photographer, foodie or an adventure junkie or someone who appreciates history, art and architecture or just another traveller wanting to know the culture of the place or just a nature lover, for anyone and everyone, Jaisalmer offers something that’s of your interest. You’ll fall in love with this Golden city and would want to visit the place again and again.

  • Live like a King inside the Golden Fort

Can you imagine living inside a fort?! Sonar Qila is the only fort under UNESCO world heritage site that allows visitors to stay inside the fort.  There are thousands of people living inside the fort and lead a normal life. There are also a number of budget stays and high end stays available inside the fort premises. Get to experience the lifestyle inside the fort. Also, catch a glimpse of the entire city from the fort.

  • Try Dune Bashing and Quad Biking in the desert

Who said Dune bashing is only for the Arabs! For all the adventure junkies, dune bashing and quad biking is now available in the Thar Desert.  Sam sand dune near Jaisalmer is crowded with thousands of tourists trying this sport. This comes at quite an affordable cost, so head out and play the sport.

  • Experience the border security at Longewala

The city of Jaisalmer acts as a guard to our western India’s frontier. Pakistan is at a distance of only 150kms from Jaisalmer. One can visit the tanot mata temple near the border. This is the temple that was shown in the movie “Border”. It is usually said visitors cannot go beyond the temple. In case one wishes to go to the actual check post which is BP609 (which is only 15kms from the temple) they need to get permission from the BSF Commandant at tanot temple by showing their ID proof. At the post, one can see the fencing wires that separate both the countries and a Pakistan tank is kept at Longewala as a mark of our victory. Remember there will be no network in that belt and photography is also strictly prohibited.

  • Camp under stars at the sand dunes

The vast expansion of the Thar desert gives people a chance to experience the desert safaris. Camel rides and Jeep rides are common in sam sand dunes near Jaisalmer. One can experience Royalty by staying in the swiss tents that the resorts offer. What could be more peaceful than sleeping under a million stars! Camping under the stars in the middle of the desert will make you fall in love with the desert lifestyle.

  • Go on a Photography tour

Rajasthan by itself is very colourful state, Jaisalmer adds to the whole vibrancy and the charm. It floods the heart with the true culture on one end and displays royalty on the other. The daylight hues, crimson sands, golden fort, the pink and red havelis are sure to capture your heart. If you’re someone who is interested in wildlife photography, plunge into the desert national park to capture some endangered species of wildlife along with the culture of the place.

  • Get high on Bhang Lassi

Jaisalmer is famous for its Bhang lassi and you can find it right outside the fort. These are government authorised shops and they even sell Bhang infused biscuits. For people who can handle bhang well, go on why wait! This is like your adda. For first timers, if you’re on a group trip, you can go ahead and try but just be cautious on the amount of bhang being added to the lassi. For people on their solo trip, my advice would be to stay away from it. Most of time the lassi prepared by the locals are strong that you immediately get high, so just be careful.

Never have this bhang lassi before your camel safari as it may lead to complications. On the other hand, you can buy some bhang, get home and prepare your own bhang lassi and get high on it!

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