6 Mistakes To Avoid When Travelling Solo

When you travel solo, you will realize how much you’re capable of, how much you can handle yourself and enjoy your own company. At the same time travelling solo can also be a tricky thing. Whether you’re travelling in India or anywhere in the world, keep these tips in mind to have a peaceful journey. Most of these come personally from my experience. There are a couple of things to keep in mind before going on a trip and during the trip. Whether it is your first solo trip or your 20th, still do not make these mistakes.

  1. Not sharing the travel plan

It is always good to share your travel plan with your immediate family. From flight numbers to hotel stays, share the entire itinerary with them just in case something goes wrong, they would know where to contact whom. When I went on a solo trip to Jaisalmer, I ended up in a desert with no connectivity for good 2 days. My parents freaked out but I had shared the itinerary with them, they were able to contact the hotel I stayed to know whether I am safe or not. Sometimes people travel to other side of the globe without realizing that except them, no soul in the earth would know where they had gone. Not smart at all. Not sharing the travel plan with the family is never a smart move. It would hardly take 2 minutes to mail the confirmations and itineraries to them. Never forget this before you travel

  1. Being medically unprepared

This is another common mistake most of us do. Try keeping yourself fit before going on a trip. You don’t want to start a trip with a sick health. It is always better to have primary medical backup with you, just in case something goes wrong during the trip, this can come handy. If you are under some regular medications, never forget to carry them along. This is as important as carrying cash for the trip. I went on a trip to Manali without carrying my medicines, the sudden change in the altitude and weather made me feel sick but I somehow managed not to be sick during the trip, but on the last day, I was down with fever during the journey and I din have any medical backup to help me out. There was not a single medical shop on the 300km journey and the result, I couldn’t move a muscle in my body next morning because of my illness.

  1. Carrying only your passport

Especially when you’re travelling internationally, make a copy of your passport and other documents and put them in each of the bag that you are carrying. Also click a picture of the documents and passport on your camera. While you shouldn’t plan on losing your passport, it is always good to have backup.

  1. Assuming your phone will work

This is one problem that I have always faced. Be it in the interiors of Rajasthan or an island in the Andaman, I have always assumed my phone will work and it has proved me wrong every single time. It is always better to research a little about the connectivity issues of the place and whether an international roaming is better or purchasing a local country sim is better. This can avoid lot of issues during the trip.

  1. Saying your room number out loud

I still make this mistake sometimes. Never say you’re room number out loud when you are in a lobby or on phone when you’re in a crowded place. You will be required to tell the room number when you seek some help from the reception desk. Merely flash the room keys to the receptionist to note down your room number.

  1. Travelling in your safety bubble

This may seem contradictory to the rest of this post that’s all caution! caution! caution! But travel wouldn’t be as exhilarating if you didn’t throw caution to the wind every once in a while. When you do, just take calculated risks.  Ones that you think through and then decide to go for adventure anyways. I’ve done this by hitchhiking on a stranger’s bike when I was lost in a city, to trying hookah on a rooftop at midnight all by myself, or renting a bicycle to explore the island. Travelling is more fun when you start exploring it outside the dotted box.

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