3 Unconventional Products Female Travellers Must Carry While Travelling

No matter if you are a beach baby or a mountain’s child, whether you are a wanderer or an adventurer, packing the right travel accessories play a crucial role in making your trip memorable and a lot more fun. Inspite of making the list of items we need to carry while we travel, we end up regretting, saying “Ah! I wish I had X right now!”

No travel guru or guide can summarise all the things a traveller needs in a single post. The reason to that is no two people are the same and the situation and the type of travel always differs. And while the Google constantly reminds us to pack light, it is actually essential that we PACK SMART!

But, there are few things every female traveller must carry while they travel to ensure safety of them and their valuable belongings. We have compiled a list of three unconventional products that all the female travellers must carry for their convenience :

travel product

  • Hidden Money Belt:

The first product that must be in your list of essentials is the money belt. You might have seen many travellers having a certain bulge around their waist and would be wondering what in the world could be that thing? Well, that thing mostly would be a Money Belt. It is a belt that travellers carry to keep their passport, credit cards, travel cards and currencies safe. So, here is the type of money belt that you can buy to ensure optimum security.

travel products
Hidden Money Belt

There are ‘n’ numbers of money belts available in the market, but the problem with money belts is they sometimes are itchy and very heavy to carry. So, while buying a money belt, one must ensure that it is of light weight. And as you might be carrying travel cards or your international credit cards with you, it is essential that your money belt comes with a RFID protection layers to protect your cards from cyber thefts.

  • Item Finder:

Apart from currencies, the other valuable belongings that need protection are your keys and luggage. And while there might be a risk of them being stolen, the bigger risk is that you might drop or misplace them while you travel. So the second product that you must include in the list of must-haves is an Item Finder. It is an IoT product that comes with a mobile application to help you find and track your belongings!

travel product
Item Finder

So, how does Item Finder work? The Item Finder consists of two things, one is a tile or a token that you can keep in your luggage or wrap around your keys. These tiles or token are connected via Bluetooth to a mobile application that can activate the signal in that tile or token and make it ring or help you get the location of the item it is attached to! Some of the Item Finder applications have a huge range up to 100 meters, so choose wisely amongst the options to ensure maximum security of your belongings.

  • Pee Funnel (Female Urination Device):

The last in our list of products is the one that will help you protect the most important aspect of your trip as well as your life! That is your health. To enjoy your trip it is essential that you are in good health. But, while travelling all the female travellers expose themselves to many bacteria and infections that can cause those UTIs as they are compelled to use the public restrooms.

travel product
Pee Funnel

You can pull off a trip without luggage or money, but it is not possible to travel if you are not in good health. And the biggest risk female travellers are exposed to; are UTIs. And to ensure a safe and healthy trip, it is essential that you carry Pee Funnel or Female Urination Devices that allows you to Stand and Pee eliminating the risk of bacteria attacking you. While buying a Pee Funnel, it is essential that you buy a Pee Funnel that is reusable and portable. Also, ensure that the Pee Funnel is made of material that is not allergic to your skin type.

There are many such products that can ensure a safe trip, but these 3 are essential for all the travellers. So while you pack all your outfits, make sure that you include these products in the list of essentials. This ensure safety of your valuable belongings and your invaluable health!

Author Bio:

Nikita Chopra

Postcard Chronicles contributor Nikita Chopra is a woman entrepreneur. She is a women empowerment believer who manufactures a Reusable and Portable Female Urination Device. It is made out of medical silicon designed for the Indian women of all the age groups. To know more about her brand and useful information on woman health, connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hey Nikita, congrats on your new venture. You have an innovative product to offer. Will certainly order for myself when I visit India next 🙂 Proud of you!! Keep shining 😀

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    truly enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest
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